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    Mid 19th C. American silver leaf arched top mirror frame. This frame has a narrow convex sight edge with inner and outer coves below the half round top edge with a raised rounded outer back edge. Original mirror.
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    Late 19th C. Eastlake frame with crest. This frame has the gold leaf laid directly on the oak base and retains it's original wine colored velvet liner and leafed surfaces. The applied ornament of beads, flowers, leaves and other Arts and Crafts designs are placed symmetrically on the frame, each side being a mirror image of the other. The top corners are a rose on a grained background. The crest has rectilinear floral plaques set below a raised crown of pyramids and fans.
  • European Louis XIV style silver leaf frame. This applied ornament frame has a beaded sight edge with a burnished cove with low relief leaves and flowers on a crosshatched background with corner and center cartouches typical for this 17th C. French design.
  • Late 19th C. gilded Aesthetic frame. This copper leaf frame has a flat liner with square, flat top with an applied ornament running leaf pattern and square corner blocks topped with four leaves.
  • Frame #CR-5

    Provincial French early18th C. carved and gilded mirror frame. This frame retains it's original mercury gilded mirror and board and batten backing. The dentiled sight edge and cove below the flattened ogee profile is carved with low relief scrolling decoration on a grain d' orge (oat grain) or crosshatched background with corner and center cat ouches on the sides and bottom. The crest had pierced curling leaf forms with a enter shell motif surrounded by C-scrolls and curved leaf at the apex. The original gold leaf surface is worn through in areas to expose the yellow and red bole beneath.
  • Frame #BU-9

    American circa 1830 overmantel mirror frame This carved wood and gold leaf frame has a plain narrow base with half round elements on the sides and top overlaid with acanthus leaves at the bottoms of the columns and large curling leaves at the top corners. Original finish and patina.
  • Italian 18th or 19th C. polychrome reverse profile frame This frame has a narrow cove sight edge with a broad torus top edge descending in a cove to the rounded back edge. The original gold leaf has been removed to expose the gesso and red and hello bole beneath. Some traces of leaf still remain.
  • Frame #8041

    Early 20th C. carved, gold leaf frame. This frame has stepped cove sight edge with a convex profile that has carved leaves symmetrically extending from straps at the centers to the curving corner elements. The frame has been sized in the long dimension.
  • Frame #4175

    French carved oak frame, Louis XV style. This ogee profile frame has carved leaves at the sight edge with a flat frieze, swept top edges and carved pierced extended corners and centers with curving tendrils, leaves and C-scroll surrounding seashells. The areas between have small leaves and flowers, the back outside edge has carved imbricated ovals. The frame has no finish and was probably intended to be gessoed with a gold leaf finish.
  • Frame #3899

    English 17th C. carved and gilded frame. This gold leaf frame has an applied ornament foliate sight edge with convex profile above with low relief carved corners and centers with flowers and tendrils with smooth passages between. The cove sides have diagonals and leaves at the outside edge. Original finish and patina.In england these frames are called "Lely" frames after the artist Peter Lely who favored this style for his paintings.
  • Frame #1911

    Late 19th C. Eastlake frame. This frame is oak with the gold leaf laid directly onto the wood. A narrow black liner with a signal row for beads at the sight edge with incised decoration and raised corner blocks with carved rosettes. Original surfaces. Typical design for the late 19th C. Eastlake style named after the Arts and Crafts architect and designer Charles Eastlake.
  • Carved and gilded frame in the early 17th C. Venetian style This 20th C. carved, 23 k gold leaf cassetta frame with extended corners has a cove and torus sight edge with the frieze decorated with pastiglia, (raised gesso), palmettes, tendrils and stylized leaves against a punched background. and a raised outside edge.
March 2023
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