This store features a small, varied selection from our collection of over 500 frames. These frames can be used for art or, with the addition of a mirror, become framed mirrors. The sizes of these frames can be altered and restoration or other work on them can be expertly done in our studio. We can supply plain or beveled mirrors. Antiqued reproduction mirrors are also available. We invite you to contact us with inquiries and for more information. Read Terms & Conditions

  • This gold metal leaf frame has a a gilded oval mat surrounded by a burgundy velvet liner. The main frame has a curling tendril motif at the sight edge with asymmetrical flower and leaf designs at the corners of the flattened, pebbled wide cushion. The outer edge has a single row of large widely spaced leaves. A good example of the Aesthetic Movement style with original surfaces and patina.
  • Late 19th C. gold leaf frame with applied composition ornament Acanthus leaves on the ogee profile interior topped with an oak leaf and acorn motif and a leaf overlay at the corners with original finish and patina.
  • Late 19th C. gold leaf Barbizon frame. This reverse profile frame has a bright original finish with applied ornament curling leaves and flowers on a convex crosshatched background radiating out from the centers of the frame. Acanthus leaf corners with convex sides below and outside leaf and dart motif with a raised plain back edge.
  • 20th C. carved gold leaf Degas style This reverse profile frame has a plain sight edge with broad reeded torus, plain outer frieze and round raised outside edge. The French artist Edgar Degas designed many frames for his paintings that often used plain reeded profiles.
  • Third quarter 19th C. gold leaf fluted cove frame. This Greek revival or neoclassic frame has flat liner with fluting in the cove with leaves at the corners and an applied ornament egg and dart top edge.
  • Frame # BU-5

    Late 19th C. gold leaf American oval frame with crest. The oval portion of the frame has san applied ornament ribbon and stick sight edge with a plain cove, raised, gadrooned top edge and convex fluted stylized leaves with scalloped edges. The prominent crest has C-scrolls, curling leaves and flowers and other classic motifs. The original gold surface is worn through to the gesso in places.
  • Frame # C-1

    European late 19th C. Barbizon frame This gilded, applied ornament frame has a plain sight and outside edge with a broad curved cushion profile with leaves and flowers against a crosshatches ground withlarge acanthus leaf corners Original surface and patina with some inpainting.
  • Frame # CR-3

    French carved and gilded Louis XIII style frame. This gold leaf frame containing a mercury gilded mirror has a curling ribbon and leaf motif at the sight edge, plain scotia and carved oak leaves and acorn at the top edge. The worn surfaces has exposed the red bole and darkened wood underneath.
  • Late 19th C. Walnut with silver leaf frame. This frame has a cove at the sight edge with a flat frieze overlaid with applied ornament, silver leafed scrolling leaves and an outer cove with a narrow rounded top edge. Original finish and patina.
  • Late 19th C. silver leaf cove frame This frame has delicate applied ornament at the sight edge with a double cove, and at the top edge, curling leaves on a patterned background. The silver leaf has been toned with gamboge or dragon's blood plant resins in shellac to give the frame a light gold appearance.
  • English 17th C. carved silver leaf frame This reverse profile frame has a carved leaf and flower design over a crosshatched ground in the corners and centers between which are burnished plain reposes. The curved sides descend to an outer foliate edge with crosshatched ground. Original surfaces.
  • Mid 20th C. carved reverse italian style This frame has  a gold metal leaf and polychrome finish with a narrow plain sight edge rising to a carved gadrooned torus at the top edge then descending in a plain cove with a carved leaf pattern on the outside edge. Similar in style to 17th C. Italian frames. Made by Heydenryk frame makers in New York.
August 2020