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Gold Leaf Gilding & Other Gilding Variants Part 1

Gold Leaf Gilding & Other Gilding Variants Part I
Gilding is a term used to describe a variety of techniques used to to apply a thin layer of gold, either as leaf or in other forms, to the surface of various materials. A few of these materials that are often gilded include wood, stone, metal, glass and parchment. Gilding also refers to the application of other metals in the form of leaf or powder. Silver, platinum, […]

Gold Leaf Gilding & Other Gilding Variants Part 2

Gold Leaf Gilding & Other Gilding Variants- Part IIOil gilding is a process that is less complicated and less time consuming. The wood surface is prepared and made smooth with gesso or other coatings, smoothed and then well sealed. A very thin layer of a special oil varnish size or other adhesive size is brushed on top of the sealed surface and in a specified amount of time this will dry to a sight tackiness. […]

Fine Antique Frames Q & A

Fine Antique Frames Q & AQ. What is a fine antique frame?

A. The quality of antique frames can vary considerably with variations in materials and craftsmanship.
Fine antique frames can be from any period in history. They would have a well balanced design
that was skillfully executed. All elements of the frame from the overall scale, the shape of the moulding,
the ornament (if any) and the surfaces, whether gold […]

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